How to take care of your real doll

So that you can enjoy your silicone real doll for a long time, you should maintain it regularly. Here you will find out how to best care for and clean your Real Doll so that it accompanies you as long as possible in your life.

Regular care

Some things are not necessary after every use, but you shouldn't neglect the care completely to enjoy your Real Doll for as long as possible. Here is a list of all the things you should do regularly. We'll also explain how to clean your doll after each use.

1. Microfiber cloth

Reinigung deiner Real Doll mit Mikrofasertuch

Microfiber cloths are perfect for dry and damp use, as they hardly or not fluff at all, which means that they absorb dirt well. It's best to combine them with mild soap. After using a microfiber cloth, it is best to wash it at 60 degrees without fabric softener.

2. Baby oil

Verwende Babyöl für deine Real Doll

You can apply the baby oil to the most stressed areas, this will prevent the formation of cracks and avoid roughening the skin. You can also easily remove dust and hair from your Real Doll. Use a microfibre cloth, apply a little baby oil there and run it over your doll. However, it is important that you use fragrance-free baby oil.

3. Babypowder

Verwende Babypuder für deine Real Doll

After your Real Doll has been cleaned with a damp cloth, for example in the bathtub, you should powder it with baby powder. This allows you to maintain her beautiful soft skin. It may also be that the doll is slightly sticky at the beginning. If this is the case, simply apply baby powder to the body and the skin becomes soft again. You can spread the baby powder on the doll either with a powder brush or with your hands.

4. Wig

Wasche die Perücke deiner Real Doll

You shouldn't forget to wash your Doll's hair regularly. You should wash real hair wigs about once a week. Wash your wig even if you have put lubricant on it.

Cleaning after use

So that you can sleep with your doll as often as possible and it stays hygienic, you should do some things with your doll immediately after sex. Only in this way will you enjoy it for a long time.

1. Washcloth

Waschlappen für deine Real Doll

After use, you should wash your doll with a washcloth or a microfiber cloth. They are perfect for basic cleaning. Of course you can also bathe with your doll. However, water can penetrate them, which can permanently damage the Real Doll. However, you should not use a washcloth to clean your face, otherwise the makeup can come off. If the face has gotten dirty, it is best to use a damp cotton swab and try to remove the dirt.

2. Soap

Wasche deine Real Doll mit Seife

It is enough to clean your doll if you use mild soap or intimate wash lotion. Please avoid using aggressive cleaners, otherwise you can break the silicone. 

3. Intimdusche

Intimdusche für deine Real Doll

Fill the intimate shower with warm water and mild soap and rinse your Real Doll several times. We recommend that you use the doll with a condom as this makes cleaning easier. If you use it without a condom, rinse it until only clear water comes out. To dry your Real Doll inside, it's best to use a long stick, such as a wooden spoon, and wrap a microfiber cloth around it. Put both together in your doll and move it back and forth a little.

4. Toycleaner

Verwende Toycleaner für deine Real Doll

After your doll is dry again, spray some toy cleaner or disinfectant on the used areas so that your real doll remains hygienic. Toy cleaners are tested for use with sex toys, so you don't have to worry about your health.

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