How to order your Real Doll

1. Sceleton

Decide which skeleton you want to have. For your Real Love Doll made of silicone, you have the choice between a standard skeleton made of an aluminum alloy and a premium skeleton made of stainless steel. The premium skeleton can realistically mimic the ability of people to move. The ability to move reaches 90% of that of a normal person. This is made possible by using ball joints. If you are not sure which skeleton you should choose for your sex doll, you are welcome to contact us for advice.

Premium Skelett mit Kugelgelenk
Standard Skelett ohne Kugelgelenk

2. Size

How big should your real doll be? We offer you many different sizes.


3. Skin color

You can choose between 3 different skin colors. All skin colors are made from high quality silicone.

Helle Hautfarbe
Mittlere Hautfarbe
Dunkle Hautfarbe


4. Eye color

You can also adjust the eye color to your preferences. You have the choice between blue, green and blue.

Blaue Augenfarbe
Grüne Augenfarbe
Braune Augenfarbe


5. Fingernail color

You can also choose the color of your fingernails. You have the choice between 3 colors.

Pinke Fingernägel
Cameo Braune Fingernägel


6. Intimate hairstyle

Finally, you have to decide whether your Real Love Doll should be hairy in the genital area or not. You have 3 different hairstyles to choose from.

Rasierter Intimbereich
Behaarter Intimbereich
Stark behaarter Intimbereich

All decisions for your real doll made?


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